1. Must be a Washington High School graduating senior during the current academic year, and must have completed at least one full season in a sport or currently active in a spring sport.

  2. Must be planning to attend a vocational school, community college or four year college/university and be enrolled within six months of receiving award.

  3. A check will be issued to recipient upon proof of registration of any qualified institution as listed in Item 2 above.  Proof of registration must be presented to claim scholarship.  The scholarship will be declared null and void if not redeemed by Sept 30.

  4. Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater.

  5. Must be a current Booster Club member or child of a member, for the full current school year.

APPLICATIONS DUE: To be announced

Completed applications can be emailed (pdf preferred, but not required) or sent via snail mail.  




  1. Submit two (2) letters of recommendation: at least one of these letters must be from a coach or athletic director.

  2. Please include the following on a separate sheet of paper:

    1. What sports have you participated in at Washington and for how many years?  Please note at what level you played (i.e. Junior Varsity, Varsity….)

    2. List any leadership positions held on your sports team (i.e. captian).

    3. List any athletic awards won (i.e. All League, MVP, coach’s award….).

    4. List your extracurricular activities (include employment).

  3. Please write an essay of 500 words or less describing your most memorable athletic experience at Washington.

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